Our Story

Our story began in 2014 when Ciscusstudio Folie trainers came from Tallinn to Varbola Kindergarten-Primary School to share their skills. In the end of the same year Circusstudio got inventation to participate in the national charity project Brave Kids(BK).
Estonian children have participaced in Brave Kids:
on 2015 in Puszczykow - Circusstudio Folie. You can yet overview of the event HERE.
on 2016 in Varssav - dancing group Sirgulised. More of their experiences you cans ee HERE.
on 2018 in Bialystok - folklore group. Overview of two week adventure is HERE.

Thanks to BK program we got new friends, which first resulted in Mogolfier Circustheatre peformance in Märjamaa Folk on 2016 summer. You can find best moments of it HERE.
In 2017, dancing group Sirgulised recieved an inventation from circus school in St.Petersburg,Russia. We met in Viibur on the first days of June of the same year. You can find the picture gallery and the overview HERE.

During these years, a number of people have reached their helping hand within these projects. There are trainers, teachers, tutors, and parents. Thank you all!

The goal of 2019 is to organize the Brave Kids in Märjamaa, Estonia. You can find more information about the planned project HERE.

You can find more about over activities HERE:

To bring children from different countries to Estonia, we need support and help from everyone who can and wants to offer it. We need sturdy families who want to help with childrens accommodation. We also need the help of volunteers in workshops that will take place in two weeks. We need help finding material resources for organizing the event. If you are interested in participating in an international project aimed at children, you can definitely contribute according to your skills and abilities.